Boat transport

We move your boat safely to any destination in Greece

Safe transit for your treasure afloat

With over four decades of experience in road transport, we offer efficient professional services to individuals and businesses. Our trained team will carry out moving all types of vessels, including yachts, sailboats and motor cruisers.

We have our own fully equipped lorries, trailers and proper rigs to support the hull with the lowest possible strain. Vessel frames differ and therefore we pay attention to detail, from loading the boat till the end of its journey to a launching spot or storage depot.

Boat transport in Athens and the rest of Greece

We move your boat to any destination in Greece; marinas, docks, storage depots or even boat exhibitions. We also carry through boat transports abroad in coordination with our trusted partners.

We Move all Types of Vessels

Motor Cruisers




How is your boat moved

Our team will make sure everything is in place during all phases of the process, so that your boat reaches its destination safely, with no hassle for you.

  • We take into account all specs and features of your vessel (make, size, height etc.) and its journey (route, locations).
  • We carefully plan the route we will follow, considering elements such as road condition, potential obstacles (branches, signs) and tunnels, traffic, as well as the weather.
  • We notify the local authorities, road operators and police, as required by law, and make all the necessary arrangements to have the boat transport approved.
  • We load the vessel using suitable equipment and cranes, and it is placed on a special trailer before it gets on the road. The truck departs along with escorting vehicles for maximum precautions.

We ensure every step proceeds as planned, on time, we keep you informed for the duration of the operation, from haulage to launching or storage at a hardstanding area, if required.

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Our Team in Action

Every transport project can be equally demanding, either it is for a small motor cruiser or a large catamaran vessel. Our company can handle all types, as we have the know-how and the proper equipment and vehicles to get the job done.

We fully adhere to safety standards and the respective obligations by law; hence we have excellent coordination with the police and other agencies involved. In our more than 40 years of operation, we have successfully completed more than four thousand vessel transports in Greece, building our reputation and earning our clients’ trust.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find out more about boat transport services. We will be happy to answer your questions and propose – if you wish – a quote for moving your vessel.
Can I have my boat moved out of Athens?
We offer safe boat transport in Athens and the rest of Greece. Through our trusted partners, we can also arrange to have your boat transported abroad as well.
How much does boat transport cost?
Prices for boat transport vary depending on the size and type of vessel, the route to be followed and accessibility of the destination. Considering this information we may determine the equipment that needs to be used for your boat and suggest a competitive price.
Do you move all types of boats?
We carry out transport for almost all types of vessels, from smaller motor cruisers, yachts and sailboats to wakeboard boats. Special transports can be taken on, after consultation.
What is the transport process?
We plan every step meticulously and carefully; on a case-by-case basis, we devise the route ahead and make all necessary arrangements (red tape, permits etc.) to proceed with moving the boat, using purpose-build lorries and escorting vehicles.

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Boat Haulage

We move your boat from water to land for its planned storage, winterisation and or other maintenance work. We use special cranes depending on the dock or marina your boat is moored.

Boat Launching

Either your boat is to be newly launched for the first time or it’s time to float again, we take up its launching and proceed with taking it off-hook, skidding it properly and safely to the water.

Boat Storage

Our company maintains suitable hardstanding areas in three locations in Attiki prefecture (Glyfada, Koropi, Alimos), with full amenities to properly store your boat.

Trust us your boat transport

Guaranteed, reliable transport in Greece by our reputable team.