Boat Haulage and Launching

We ensure safe and quick moving of your boat from and to the water.
Lifting and moving a vessel off water is not a simple task. It requires precision and consideration of the vessel’s size and type, so that the suitable equipment and materials are used.

Normally a vessel will need to be hauled up several times throughout its life span for a number of reasons; transport to a designated hardstanding boatyard, for use in another area or maintenance work. Moreover, haulage allows the owner to inspect the hull and even arrange its cleaning. Similarly, the launching service ensures the vessel returns to the water properly.

Our team has the experience and knowledge required to perform haulage and launching of a vessel, as well as its transport and storage in a designated area if opted so by the owner.

We Provide Haulage – Launching Service for all Types Of Vessels

Motor Cruisers




The process of hauling up and load off to the water

Our team brings about every step of the haulage and launching processes so that the vessel gets out and into the water safely in one piece.

  • We take into account all information about your boat (type, size, height, etc.) and the available spaces at the marina or dock where it is moored.
  • We determine the required equipment and materials (spacers, stands, straps etc.), depending on whether haulage is to be done directly above the water surface with the use of a crane or through skidding on a hydraulic trailer.
  • In case a trailer is used, the keel rests on its shaft and the boat is ready to be towed and mounted on a grid.

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Our Team in Action

Picking up and off a vessel is an operation as demanding and delicate as boat transport. It requires experienced and trained staff, familiar with the different types of vessels.

During haulage, it is necessary to keep the boat steady on a rig, while straps and stands should be placed in accordance with the hook points set by the manufacturer.

It is a process that brings strain to a boat, but our objective is to minimise that strain and complete the task the soonest, safely. For this, we have earned the trust of hundreds of boat owners and businesses seeking boat haulage and launching services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find out more about boat haulage and launching. We will be happy to answer your questions and make an offer for lifting, moving and storing your boat.
Do you provide boat haulage services at any location?
Our team will suggest the ideal solution for hauling up your boat, no matter where it is moored. We also take up exceptional cases, such as wreck removals.
How much do lifting and launching cost?
Prices for boat haulage and launching vary, depending on the vessel type and size, as well as the draw point. Combining the haulage-launching service with transport and/or storage, we can propose a competitive offer for your boat.
Can you lift all types of vessels?
Our company operates special cranes for direct lifting above water, as well as low-loaders for the haul from the dock ramp. We can offer lifting services for all sizes of vessels, including sailboats.
How is haulage and launching done?
We plan every step with professionalism and precision. On a case-by-case basis, we make sure all necessary equipment is available (straps, spacers, stands) and a suitable crane or trailer, to steadily move the boat from and to the water.

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Choose Kalavrias for Safe Boat Haulage and Launching

Rely on our experienced team to drive your boat to and off land.