Boat transport services - Haulage - Launching - Hardstanding
Top boat transport service provider in Greece

Our Company

Kalavrias specialises in boat transport services in Greece, countrywide. With over 40 years of experience, our company has built up the knowledge and expertise to provide high-quality boat transport services, including haulage, launching as well as hardstanding and boat storage.

Our fleet of modern trucks and purpose-built vehicles includes cranes and hydraulic trailers, used for boat transportation, haulage and launching operations. We offer professional, reliable and cost-effective transportation services to private boat owners, both individuals and companies into boat management or marina operators.


Quality - Safety

Our company owns powerful trucks and the necessary equipment, specially designed for safe and smooth, timely transportation, loading and off-loading of all kinds of boats.

Complete Preparation

Our team carries out the necessary preparations to plan your boat’s transportation, haulage/launching from start to end, with attention to every detail of the process.

Experience & Reliability

Our decades-long experience allows us professional familiarity with the needs and specificities that come up during a vessel’s transportation and loading.

Countrywide Service

Based in Glyfada, Athens, our company offers delivery all over Greece, including remote destinations.

The most reliable choice for your vessel

Owning a vessel is a long-term investment and a true asset; but besides its worth, for every private owner, it presents a significant personal value. It is because we understand how much your boat means to you, we do not see it as “another” load to carry, but as a part of your life that we need to take care of.

In our effort to earn your trust, we set on offering attractive combinations of services and quotes for moving and loading/off-loading your boat to your desired destination.



We provide complete boat transport services, undertaking movement from water to land and vice versa, in a professional and well-organised manner. We abide by all safety standards throughout operations and choose the equipment and materials that are appropriate for your vessel’s model and specs.

Boat Transport

We bring you the best solutions for reliable moves, standing up to our reputation as the No1 boat service provider in Greece.

Boat Haulage - Launching

We carry through the delicate process of shifting your vessel from the water and have it ready for transport, repairs or cleaning, and then putting it back safely.

Boat Parking

We own designated hard-standing areas that cater for all sizes and types of boats. The ideal solution for boat storage.

Our Clients

Having worked with a large number of clients, from private owners to businesses, from dockyards to boat managers, who chose our services, we have hands-on experience of the required scrutiny and standards to be applied.

Moving, loading and off-loading a vessel requires proper safety measures to ensure the operation proceeds flawlessly and timely, on every step and without unnecessary costs.

Ever since 1977, our company has enjoyed the trust of hundreds of boat owners and businesses, which stands as proof of our professional excellence and savviness when it comes to boat moves from and to land.

Trust us with your boat

Our expert crew and drivers make the finest choice for your boat; risk-free, with excellent support and competitive services.